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Jul 30, 2018

Days of the week

Hello! I'm Kosuke!

In the previous article, we went over the months of the year in Japanese!
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We checked that the numbers are used to say the months in Japanese.

In this article, we will study how to say the days of the week!

The numbers are not used for the days of the week.
They are related to the names of planets!

Please see the table below:

Mondayげつ ようびge tsu yo u bi曜日
Tuesday ようびka yo u bi曜日
Wednesdayすい ようびsu i yo u bi曜日
Thursdayもく ようびmo ku yo u bi曜日
Fridayきん ようびki n yo u bi曜日
Saturday ようびdo yo u bi曜日
Sundayにち ようびni chi yo u bi曜日

If you want to memorize the words above, please use this video!

After remembering the table above, I recommend you to check your memory by using these quizzes:
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'ようび (yo u bi)' means the days of the week.

Each name of the day is corresponding with the name of planet!


If you want to talk about planets, '-sei' should be added to か, すい,もく,きん, and ど.
('Sei' means 'star'.)

かせい (ka-sei) -> Mars
すいせい (sui-sei) -> Mercury
もくせい (moku-sei) -> Jupiter
きんせい (kin-sei) -> Venus
どせい (do-sei) -> Saturn

Probably, you will not have so many opportunities to talk about planets in Japanese.

However, I think it's good for you to remember that Japanese days of the week correspond with the names of planets!

In the next article, let's talk about how we should say the time of the day in Japanese!
I hope this article helps you study Japanese!
Thank you for reading!

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