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Jul 30, 2018


In this article, please let me explain about "P-sound"!

However, if you have already understood the explanation about basic Hiragana and Dull sound, this article is quite easy for you!

   Basic Hiragana chart >>

   Dull sound >>

"P-sound" is quite similar to "Dull sound".

Let's look at the chart of the P-sound characters at first!

The chart of P-sound characters is below:

The line of P ぱ (pa) ぴ (pi) ぷ (pu) ぺ (pe) ぽ (po)

Is that all!?

Yes, that's all.

Only those 5 characters are P-sound in Japanese.

Let's compare them with basic Hiragana characters:

The line of H は (ha) ひ (hi) ふ (fu) へ (he) ほ (ho)

Did you notice the rule?

If you want to make the P-sound character, you just put a small circle at the upper right of the basic character.

The small circle is called "P-sound consonant mark".
Isn't this so similar to the rule of "Dull sound"?

In the next article, let's talk about Syllabic nasal!
  Syllabic nasal >>

I hope this article helps you study Japanese.
Thank you for reading!

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