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Jul 31, 2018

Time of the day

In the previous article, I explained how to say the days of the week.
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In this article, let's study how to explain the time of the day!

At first, let's check the keywords below!

minuteふんfu n
A.M.ごぜんgo ze n午前
P.M.ごごgo go午後
half-hourはんha n
aroundごろgo ro

Let's look at examples using the keywords above!

3 o'clockさん じsan ji
03:24さん じ にじゅうよん ふんsan ji ni jyu yon fun
10 A.M.ごぜん じゅう じgozen jyu ji
around 3 P.M.ごご さん じ ごろgogo san ji goro
02:14:37に じ じゅうよん ふん さんじゅうなな びょうni ji jyu yon fun san jyu nana byo
5:30ご じ はんgo ji han
5:30ご じ さんじっぷんsan jippun
around 5:30 A.M.ごぜん ご じ はん ごろgozen go ji han goro

If you still don't remember the numbers in Japanese, please check the article below:

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Regarding the table above, you can say either 'ごじはん' or 'ごじさんじっぷん' for '5:30'.

But if you have already remembered how to count numbers in Japanese, you might feel uncomfortable.
Isn't it 'ごじさんじゅうふん'?

There are two reasons for this:
  1. Sometimes, 'ふん' becomes 'ぷん'.
  2. Officially, 'じっぷん' is correct, instead of 'じゅっぷん'.

1. Sometimes, 'ふん' becomes 'ぷん'.

This depends on the number in front of 'ふん'.
Please check how to say 'ふん' below:

        1分 -> ippunn (instead of 'ichi fun')
        2分 -> ni fun
        3分 -> san pun (instead of 'san fun')
        4分 -> yon pun (instead of 'yon fun')
        5分 -> go fun
        6分 -> roppun (instead of 'roku fun')
        7分 -> nana fun
        8分 -> happun (instead of 'hachi fun')
        9分 -> kyu fun
        10分 -> jippun (instead of 'jyu fun')

Like above, they sometimes changes how to say 'fun'.
It is just because of habit or to make pronunciation easier.

2. Officially, 'じっぷん' is correct, instead of 'じゅっぷん'.

Actually, sometimes  native Japanese speakers also say 'jyuppun' instead of 'jippun'.
However, oficially, 'jippun' is correct.
So when you just talk with someone, maybe you can use whichever you want.

Like ふん and ぷん, Japanese language sometimes changes depending on the case.

So I would like to recommend you to listen to many Japanese sentences to get used to the changes.
I wrote about the way to get used to languages, this is recommended by me in the article below:

In the next article, let's study how we can say morning, daytime, evening, and night!
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I hope this article helps you study Japanese!
Thank you for reading!

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