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Jul 30, 2018


In previous article, we learned how to count numbers in Japanese!
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In this article, I would like to show one example how to use the numbers.

It is "Months"!

In English, we just say the name of the months, like January, June, October, and so on.

However, in Japanese, months don't have names!
So they just use numbers to say the months!

What to call months in Japanese is below:

January1がつichi gatsu
February2がつni gatsu
March3がつsan gatsu
April4がつshi gatsu
May5がつgo gatsu
June6がつroku gatsu
July7がつshichi gatsu
August8がつhachi gatsu
September9がつku gatsu
October10がつjyu gatsu
November11がつjyu ichi gatsu
December12がつjyu ni gatsu

If you don't know what Romaji is, please check the article below:
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'がつ (gatsu)' means 'month'.

If you have already remembered how to count numbers in Japanese from the previous article, this is not so difficult, isn't it?

However, there are still some items you need to consider...

Why is April 'SHI GATSU' instead of 'YON GATSU'!?
Why is July 'SHICHI GATSU' instead of 'NANA GATSU'!?
Why is September 'KU GATSU' instead of 'KYU GATSU'!?

I am sorry, this is just a Japanese habit.
It is just because it is easier to pronounce.

When you practice months, please just remember:

      - '4 (yon)' becomes 'shi'.
      - '7 (nana)' becomes 'shichi'.
      - '9 (kyu)' becomes 'ku'.

Actually, there are more cases where the name of the numbers changes.
But in most cases, it is just because of habit or to make pronunciation easier.

For example, '40' is 'yon-jyu' normally.
However, if the number '40' is the age of someone, Japanese people sometimes say 'shi-jyu'.

In this case, both '40 (yon-jyu)' and '40 (shi-jyu)' can be used for saying '40 years old'.
(though 'yon-jyu' sounds more common)

I am sorry that it was not explained logically.
After you listen to many Japanese phrases, you will get used to those changes.

I would like to recommend you to listen to a lot of Japanese, not only just remembering grammar or words.
The reason I think so is written in the article below:

If you want to learn Japanese vocabulary about food, please check this video!

If you want to know how to say the seasons in Japanese, please check this:

Also, in the next article, I will explain about the days of the week!
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I hope this article helps you remember the months!
Thank you for reading!

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